Identify your faucet.

Every faucet manufactured by FM Mattsson are labeled with "FM Mattsson". The label placement varies, depending on age and model.

The simplest way to identify your faucet is to look at the handle.

4000 - Series (Manufactured 1981-1996).
Avaliable in two types.

Type 1. Acrylic top with coloured arrows. Lable on top.

Type 2. Hood in chrome, colour marking and lable on top.

9000 - Series (Manufactured from 1999).

Bracket handle with round bracket. Lable above colour marking.

Garbo/Iseo - Series (Manufactured 1981-1996 / 2007-2009).

Bracket handle with round bracket. Colour marking on each side of the bracket. Lable below.

Origo - Series (Manufactured 2002-2006).

Hood with round handle. Colour marking on top, lable on top.

Garda - Series (Manufactured 1999 - 2020).

Hood with a rod handle. Colour marking below rod, lable on top.

9000E - Series (Manufactured from 2008).

Bracket handle with flat bracket. Lable on the right side of bracket.

Siljan - Series (Manufactured from 2014).

Bracket handle with flat bracket. Colour marking under the bracket. Lable on top.

FM Mattsson

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